Questions & Answers

Here you will find some interesting answers to possible questions. If you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to write us a mail.

How do I trade cryptocurrencies?

You can find all available coins in the “Trade Center”. For more detailed information about a coin just tap it. To trade, simply tap the bottom in the right hand corner.

How does trading work?

You send us an amount of your selected currency and receive an offer in your desired currency. After accepting the offer, you will find an overview of the amount you have sent, the amount you have received and the fees you have paid for the trade. Additionally shown in your default currency: US-Dollar, Euro or Bitcoin.

Can I have more than one portfolio?

Yes, you can! Try different strategies or other coins by using a separate portfolios. While creating a portfolio, you can set your starting amount and fees individually. If you like to show your portfolio in the toplists you must tick ‘Portfolio is competitive’. These values can't be changed later.

What does competitive mean?

It means the fees are fixed to 0.5% and your portfolio will appear in the toplists. This is the case so that all portfolios in the toplist have a fair chance. You can tell if a portfolio is 'competitive' by checking the star icon. It is blue for competitive portfolios, whereas it will be gray for non-competitive ones. You can't change the competitive status of a portfolio after creation.

What do the toplists show?

The toplist shows your portfolio's current rank. There are toplists for today, the past week, month and year. Remember: Only your competitive portfolios will appear in the toplists.

What are favorites?

By enabling the star-icon you can mark coins as favorites. The advantage of this is to find them more quickly in your portfolio.

Which settings can I specify?

You can change your name, your profile-picture as well as your default currency. This controls the currency which is used to display your app. You can also make your account invisible by turning on ghostmode. If enabled, you will not be shown in toplists or in the recent trade activity feed.

What should I do if there is no valid offer?

Unfortunately, sometimes there exists no offer for your desired trade. This happens when nobody offers to trade your selected currency pair directly. Our Tip: First trade to Bitcoin and then to your preferred coin. This way, there are usually more offers.

Difficulties with the trading screen?

While trading digital currencies you will run into new terms. In order to make every trade as clear as possible, we present our offers in a detailed form. Each offer is valid for 10 seconds.
Image of our Offer
  • Lightblue DotYou get (shown in light blue)

    ...shows the amount of currency you will receive.

  • Yellow DotChange (shown in yellow)

    ...is the amount you will get back if either not enough desired currency is offered or the change which results based on the smallest units of coins.

    Example: You want to buy Dogecoin worth $ 500, but the current market only offers Dogecoin worth $ 300. You will then get all available coins (minus fees) and the rest of your offered money back as change.

    Another example: You want to buy 100 NEO and one NEO is worth $ 1. You send $ 100.50. Then we will offer you 100 NEO (minus fees) and $ 0.50 as change. This is, because the smallest unit for NEO is one whole NEO coin.

  • Pink DotFee (shown in pink)

    ...is the fee you have to pay for a trade. You chose the fee percentage when you created the portfolio. It is the same for each trade.

  • Red DotSpread (shown in red)

    ...is the difference between the lower bid-price and the higher ask-price.The bid price is the highest price someone is willing to pay for your coin right now. The ask price is the lowest price at which someone is willing to sell their own coin, therefore it is also the lowest price at which you can buy the coin. Since you want to trade right now, you have to accept this price difference and you will always make a small loss. This is shown in red.

What does the tradescore mean?

The tradescore shows you, independent of the market situation, whether your trades were clever or not. The score moves between 0 and 1000, where 0 is very bad and 1000 is very good. Below you'll find our overview:

Image of Score-Circle
  • 💀 0 - 10

    Your portfolio has suffered quite a lot. Maybe you want to try a new strategy? Create a new portfolio and try your luck again.

  • 💉 11 - 50

    Your portfolio suffered in the last week. Maybe change your strategy a little and your portfolio might just be the next big thing.

  • 🤷 51 - 85

    Sometimes it just doesn’t work quite as expected. But don’t worry! With a bit of luck it’ll be fine again.

  • 🌱 86 - 99

    It’s all good. Each trade will cost you a little fee and spread. Your investment will hopefully grow soon.

  • 💤 100

    You were not pretty active in the last week. Start trading now and climb to the top!

  • 🎈 101 - 140

    Good job! Your actions in the last week had a positive influence on your portfolio! Keep going!

  • ✈️ 141 - 199

    Nice! Your portfolio is through the roof! How do you do it?

  • 🚀 200 - 400

    Yeah! You’re rocking this game! Keep going and you’ll be a top trader!

  • 🔮 401 - 1000

    Your trade score is unbelievable! Can you see the future?